About Us

Hi I’m Lynda Ekstrom and Growing Health & Wealth is an informational site to assist those in wanting to become healthy and wealthy.  I am very excited and  proud to be partnered with a company that currently provides a  GROUND FLOOR opportunity.

I discovered this company through an old friend whom I know to be a trusted and well grounded person! So the integrity of OUR Company was never in question for me.

Our company is a well funded INTERNATIONAL company with a WORLD CLASS management team.

We offer FIRST TO MARKET, category creating, proprietary natural Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Energy and Wellness products that are having a significant impact on the human body.

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 We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Check the site out, questions? want to order or join contact me at lynnagay@hotmail.com   Ready to join go to

Creating good health and increasing wealth all at the same time!